Collection: Cadolle

With its extraordinary history established more than 1C. ago, Maison Cadolle remains today a historic, family-owned, luxury lingerie institution based in Paris. 

In the same year that she established her first two Cadolle shops in Argentina and France, the extraordinary Herminie Cadolle debuted the world's first bra at the World Fair of 1889. Crafted by cutting the traditional female corset in two, she called her invention the "corselet-gorge". The success of Maison Cadolle continued with the next generation through a strategic move from rue de la Chaussée d'Antin to rue Cambon in 1911. The new location became synonymous with the most iconic fashion designers and department stores of the times and still remains home to Maison Cadolle today. 

In 1921, Marguerite Cadolle leads a collaboration between famous tennis player Suzanne Lenglen and Cadolle’s fragrance line. Together they sign several advertising campaigns launching the first professional female athlete brand collaboration.

Four years later in 1925, Marguerite creates the first flattening bra ever: the famous boyish form, popular with Coco Chanel. She proceeds to create various lingerie collections for elite women of the times, including the Duchess of Windsor, and establishes the first link between the corsetry profession and Couture, later referred to as the "Cadolle touch".

Maison Cadolle continued driving innovation in the post-war period and crowned with illustrious awards. In 1947, the house created a new waspie, inspired by the thin waist of wasps, in collaboration with Monsieur Rochas. In 1949, Alice Cadolle obtains the fashion industry's most iconic award, the Neiman Marcus Trophy, in the United States.

In 1989 at a trade fair in Paris, Poupie Cadolle launches a new type of corset. The new design uses carefully selected modern materials- that offer comfort instead of constraint- and celebrate the feminine silhouette in a modern way. Embraced by both the Parisian Haute Couture designers and public alike, Poupie's new corset redefines womens wardrobes after 80 years. 

Since the 2000's, Maison Cadolle continues to lead the lingerie industry with its dedication to framing the female silhouette. Offering permanent collections, iconic staple lines like The Geisha, and continuing to drive innovation with new seductive silhouettes, the house always delivers the famous "Cadolle touch".